I hold a degree in History and Art History from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), with a specialization (M.A.) in Medieval Art History (in particular the Romanesque period), and an M.A. in Library Science.  My career has taken me from the libraries of the University of Santiago de Compostela (Librarian for Pharmaceutical Sciences), to the University of Oxford (Librarian for Theological and religious studies)  and, finally, to Duke, where I have been working since 2007 as a Catalog Librarian.  A medievalist by heart I hold a special passion for medieval miniature books and the role that Romanesque iconography, whether on paper or stone, played in the transmission of knowledge and the education of the masses at church.  In addition to my studies at the University of Santiago, I have taken more specialized courses on these topics at the Universidad Menendez Pelayo (Santander).  I approache the world of books and libraries as a gateway to more general issues about the flow of knowledge and the management of information across different societies, in a way that merges my background in history, art history, and library science.  In my free time I love reading 19th century fiction, traveling, knitting, sewing, and all things related to gastronomy, wine and cooking...


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Marta Conde Rincon

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