Still images

We cannot produce photographic prints or slides

Scan flat manuscript (high-quality for publication) $10/scan
Scan flat or bound manuscript (standard quality) $0.25/scan
Scan bound manuscript (high-quality for publication) First 2 scans $10 each; then $25/hour
Scan oversized, flat manuscript (high-quality for publication First 2 scans $10 each; then $25/hour
Scan and/or photocopy thesis/dissertation (black & white pages) $0.35/page
Scan and/or photocopy thesis/dissertation (color pages) $0.85/page
Digitize microfilm $30 and up
Digitize negatives/slides $25/hour
Photocopy materials (black & white) $0.25/page
Photocopy materials (color) $1/page
Retrieve existing still image files $2/file

Audio & Moving Images

Digitize audiocassette $25/hour
Digitize videocassette  $25/hour
Retrieve existing A/V files $5/file


Deliver digitized files online no charge
Rush fee $25/order
Burn files to disc $6.50/disc


We ship via USPS or FedEx.
Up to 30 photocopied pages  $10.00
More than 30 photocopied pages Varies (typically $5-$8)
Non-paper media via USPS $10/package
Any media via FedEx (international delivery included) $30