Off-campus access to e-resources

ePrint Locations


  • First floor across from the Perkins Service Desk (2 printers)
  • First floor across from the Perk entrance (2 printers)
  • Lower level in the Link (4 printers)
  • Fourth floor near Bostock connector (1 printer)


  • First floor in the Edge (2 printers)
  • Lower level near Perkins connector (1 printer)
  • Third floor near Perkins connector (1 printer)


Scanners are located near the Help Desks of both Perkins and Bostock Libraries on the first floors.

Bookeye Kicscanner

  • Location: 1st floor Perkins
  • Overhead scanner with foot peddle scan button
  • Save to: USB, email, upload to cloud, etc.
  • Scan format: PDF, Quick PDF, JPG, PNG, Rich Text, Audio

Book2net overhead

  • Location: 1st floor Bostock / The Edge
  • Requires USB drive

Epson flatbed

  • Location: 1st floor Perkins
  • Highest resolution
  • Editing Software: Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and ABBYY Fine Reader
  • Scan formats: PDF, JPG, TIFF, OCR


  • Location: 1st floor Perkins
  • Sheet feed; copies both sides
  • Scan format: PDF only


  • Location: 1st floor Bostock / The Edge
  • Location: 1st floor Perkins
  • Book edge and sheet feed; 2nd best resolution; requires no logon; no ePrint capability
  • Tools: Crop, reposition, split-screen, etc.
  • Save to: e-mail, phone, google drive, jump drive


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