NOTE: Please respond to the confirmation email sent to your Duke email address within 1 hour. Otherwise, your reservation will be canceled.

See our policies for more information.

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  • Groups of two or more may reserve a project room for up to three hours per day.
  • Priority is given to groups of two or more who have made reservations in advance.
  • Groups with reservations must have their reservation confirmation readily available.
  • Users without reservations must leave rooms when those with reservations are ready to use them.
  • Users have 15 minutes to claim their reserved room; after 15 minutes, the reservation will be canceled, and the room will become available.
  • Housekeeping staff must be allowed access the room to clean.
  • Users may not reserve rooms by placing personal belongings or library materials in them; such items will be moved to the Perkins Help Desk on the first floor of Perkins Library.