Since 2006, The Human Rights Archive has been partnering with the human rights community to preserve the history and legacy of human rights around the world. Our archival partners include:

  • human rights advocates, leaders, and artists
  • grassroots organizations & transnational NGO's

The Human Rights Archive acquires, preserves, describes and provides access to the records and papers of human rights advocates. Our collections document the impact that organizations and individuals have had on government policy in support of human rights, the important role that these organizations and individuals have played in the development and transformation of the international human rights movement and the articulation of U.S. social justice movements with the international human rights community.

Some notable collections

  • Abraham Joshua Heschel papers
  • International Center for Transitional Justice Records
  • Marshall T. Meyer Papers
  • Radio Haiti records
  • Southern Poverty Law Center collection of extremist literature
  • Washington Office on Latin America Records