Once you register as a researcher, you can request materials through the catalog or a collection guide to use in our reading room.  Most of our collections are stored at our off-site repository, the Library Service Center. It will take us 2 full business days to retrieve and deliver your materials, so remember to make your requests ahead of time. 

You can begin the process from a collection guide or from a catalog record:

From a collection guide:

Click the "Request for Onsite Use" button on the right:

finding aid request button screen capture

From a catalog record:

Click the green "Request" button in the top right:

catalog request button screen shot

You will see a list of all the items in the collection. Select the box or volume you wish to request, and click “Request for onsite use.” If you intend to request multiple volumes or boxes, you must request each one individually:

get this item screenshot

You'll be asked to sign in, and then you'll get a request form that is auto-filled with the citation information. Scrll to the bottom of the page to enter the day you plan to visit, and then you can submit your request:

submit request screen capture

Repeat these steps for each item you want to see.  We'll email you when your material is ready for use in the reading room.